How to Reserve Rooms Using Outlook

These instructions are for reserving collaboration rooms in The Spark. This does not include information on scheduling the huddle stations.

  1. Create a meeting invite via your Outlook calendar
  2. Select ‘Scheduling Assistant’
    Screenshot: Outlook Scheduling Assistant button.
  3. Once in the Scheduling Assistant, select ‘Add Attendees’
    Screenshot: Outlook Add Attendees button.
  4. In Add Attendees
    1. Search desired Spark room (if you type ‘Spark’, all schedulable rooms will appear)
    2. Select the room you want and choose ‘Required’ (this will add the room to the meeting invite)
    3. Select ‘Ok’
      Screenshot: Outlook Required button.
  5. Once you select Ok, this will bring up the room scheduling information. You can use the blue highlighted area to select the times you want to reserve the room (2 hr max).
  6. Select ‘Send’ to request your reservation.
    Screenshot: Outlook Send button.