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FAQs about The Spark


Q:  Where is the building located?

A:  The building is located at the corner of Washington and Nevada streets, in between the Washington building and Cleveland Hall. Map


Q:  What’s in the building?

A:  There are twelve classrooms of various sizes in the building including a 250 seat active learning hall, an event/gathering space, a café, generous amounts of informal learning/study space, and various support centers.


Q:  When did the building open?

A:  The first classes in The Spark (previously known as the Digital Classroom Building) started fall semester 2017.


Q:  What other services are available in The Spark?

A:  Besides the classrooms, café and informal learning/study spaces, there are a Faculty Innovation Studio, Student Resource/Tutoring Center, Student Skills Development Studio, Media Development Lab, and a Creative/Collaboration Studio.  There are also faculty hoteling offices spread throughout the building for faculty pre/post class time preparation, etc.


Q:  How can I prepare for teaching in this new building?

A:  Global Campus/AMS and the Provost’s Office are planning several opportunities for discussion, hands-on experience and planning sessions  Check back for more information as it becomes available.

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