Acrylic portfolios are created in The Spark: Academic Innovation Hub this week for AMDT.

Acrylic portfolio for PBH Consulting, Patrick Brown-Hayes
Acrylic portfolio for Patrick Brown-Hayes at PBH Consulting

Each sheet of acrylic is from a 12in x 12in sheet, cut down to 9.5in x 12in.

Two types of images and/or shapes can be used to cut or engrave the acrylic.

  1. Raster: This is used to engrave the letters. This does not cut through the material but only to score the top layers of the acrylic.
  2. Vector: These paths can be used to completely cut out shapes of the material.

Students are asked by the Instructor, Patrick Brown-Hayes, to design the portfolio cover from a template in Adobe Illustrator. Once completed, students bring the design to The Spark: Academic Innovation Hub for manufacturing.

Students can select from a variety of colors of acrylic, such as, amber, red, yellow, blue, clear, and bronze. Each color would have a different result from the effect of the laser. In addition, different power levels and speed of the laser would also change the outcome of the engraving on the material surface.

  • Software Used: Adobe Illustrator
  • Hardware Used: Full Spectrum Laser 24×16+
  • Approx. Time to Finish Product: 15 min.
  • Student Project Count: 50+

For any questions, please contact Chris Lavoie at 509-335-9373, or email at, or in person at The Spark: 117.