What It Is

Three laser engraved plaques have been created to adorn the walls near the “feature wall” graphic art displays in Washington State University’s Spark building. Each of the three feature walls, entitled The Victory Bell, the Cannon Shot Wall, and the Cougar Fight Song, contain graphics designed to commemorate the Cougar legacy and promote a sense of belonging and connectedness amongst WSU students.

Photo: Wall plaque on The Victory Bell, showing a waveform and text: These waveforms, colors and shapes are a visual representation of the Washington State University Victory Bell chime. Originally purchased in 1892 to sound the change of classes, the bell sat atop College Hall in the heart of campus for almost 80 years. In 1998 the bell was moved to its current location, the lawn of the Lewis Alumni Centre. Students, alumni and fans are invited to come and take turns ringing the bell in celebration after cougar home football game victories.

The Victory Bell feature wall visually represents the WSU Bell chime as a waveform graphic. The plaque describes the history of WSU’s Victory Bell, including the fact that it was once used to signal the change of classes. The bell was eventually moved to the Lewis Alumni Centre where it is now rung to celebrate home football game victories. This plaque will be placed on each floor of the Spark beside the actual waveform graphics.

Photo: Wall plaque of Cannon Shot Wall. After each Cougar Football touchdown, WSU's cannon is fired as a celebration of achievement and success. That concussive sound is visualized here as the Spark Rings. Located on the outside of the round classroom in the heart of the Spark building, this design is a visual reminder to continue the celebration of our hard work and achievements.

The Cannon Shot Wall is a visualization of the concussive blast of the canon fired at WSU football games. The plaque describing this feature wall will appear on the outside of the round classroom in the Spark building.

Photo: Wall plaque of the Cougar Fight Song. These waveforms, composed of various colored circles, are a visual representation of the Cougar Fight Song. The Cougar Fight Song was written by Washington State College students Zellis Melcher and Phyllis Sytes, as part of a senior class project in 1919. The song is meant to exemplify the spirit of WSU, celebrating the Cougar drive for excellence and sense of close-knit community.

The Cougar Fight Song feature wall uses colored circle to create a visual representation of WSU’s signature song. This feature wall’s new plaque, which will be placed outside of Spark G10, includes the song’s lyrics and describes the history of the fight song and what it represents.

The Process

These plaques, made from crimson acrylic sheets, were machined on the laser cutter in the Spark 115 Design Studio.


  • 1/4 in. Red Acrylic


  • Retina Engrave
  • Adobe Illustrator CC


  • 24″ x 16″ 90 Watt Full Spectrum Laser

If you have any questions please contact Chris Lavoie at c.lavoie@wsu.edu.